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This is our selection of useful weblinks to other resources on the web. If you know of a relevant link not featured here, please let us know by sending an email containing the web address and a short description to Madeleine Stevens.

Child injury
Child participation
Evidence-based practice

Free online databases
Inequalities in health
Pre-appraised resources


School food schemes
Social care
Traffic calming
Youth offending
:: Child injury

The Community Practitioners and Health Visitor Association


Department of Health

a Health Visitor practice development resource pack.


Home Start

is an organisation which co-ordinates volunteer home-visiting programmes across the UK and the world. 


National Coordinating Centre for Health Technology Assessment (NCCHTA)

An extensive review on Homevisiting.


:: Child participation

A National Voice
Site run by and for young people in care. Provides an
example of participation.

Article 12
Article 12 in Scotland is a young person led network working to promote young people's participation and
information rights.

British Youth Council
Charity representing views of children and young
people. Reports on recent research, campaigns and examples of what has happened when young people have had their voices heard.

Carnegie Young People's Initiative
Organisation committed to promoting young people's participation in policy making. Fact sheets on effective involvement of children and young people. Publications, resource lists and weblinks.

Children's Express
Web based newspaper produced by children and young people. Story library of past articles, information about the paper, and citizenship resources for teachers and youth workers.

Children's Rights Alliance
An alliance of over 180 organisations committed to promoting children's human rights. Participation section provides guidance on involving children and young people, and an extensive resource list.

Children's Rights Information Network:
Participation of children in decision making

Global network disseminating information about the Convention on the Rights of the Child. This section contains links to various international organisations working in the fields of children's participation in
decision -making.

Common Purpose: Young people section

Independent citizenship organisation with young people's section including real life stories, information about government and politics focusing specifically on
issues realating to young people (e.g.youth offending).

Improving Consultation with Children and Young People in Relevant Aspects of Policy-Making and Legislation in Scotland

Document published in conjunction with the Scottish Parliament on improving consultations based upon literature reviews.

School Councils UK
Provides information about setting up and sustaining school councils. Step by step guides to setting up school councils and resource packs for use with children and young people.

UK Youth parliament
Site listing the work of the UKYP, discussion forums and links to local youth parliaments.

  :: Education 

National Foundation for Educational Research
" The overall mission of NFER is to contribute to improving education and training nationally and internationally by undertaking research, development and dissemination activities and by providing information services"

:: Evidence-based practice

Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth
National collaboration of resarchers, policy makers and practitioners aiming to improve the future for Australia's children and young people. Provides information on current projects which include developing a research agenda, planning a national clearing house to make links between research and its practical implications, and an integrated data network.

UK Children’s Charity with interest in using research in practice. The 'What Works' series of publications are available via the site.

Be Evidence Based 
This site provides access to material previously produced by the Centre for Evidence-Based Social Services (CEBSS) which ceased operations on 31st October 2004. T
he site aims to provide a one-stop resource of key research findings from critically appraised social care research. The material covered spans the broad range of functions that Social Services now perform and is designed to be of use to both users and providers of services. Separate sections include online web training and information about accessing social care material. There is a skills section allowing you to develop your skills for evidence-based practice and decision-making.

Cochrane Child Health Field
Works to produce clinically relevant, methodologically rigorous systematic reviews in child health, and promote the dissemination and utilisation of evidence in decision making affecting the health and well-being of children around the world.


ESRC Evidence Network
Funded by the Economic Social Research Council, this site contains a wide variety of evidence-based material on policy and practice in the social sciences, including a list of research databases and provides a forum for debate on Evidence Based Policy and Practice.


Health Evidence

Provides research evidence available on a free, searchable online registry. Focusing on systematic reviews on the effectiveness of public health and health promotion interventions. All the reviews on the online registry are screened for relevance and appraised for quality.


Making Research Count    swk/research/mrc/welcome.htm
A partnership between seven English Universities and local authorities, and promotes evidence based practice through workshops, the development of training materials and the preparation of Quality Protects guidelines.


Promising Practices Network

The Promising Practices Network (PPN) web site highlights programs and practices that credible research indicates are effective in improving outcomes for children, youth, and families. The information offered is organized around three major areas: Proven and Promising Programs, Research in Brief, and Strengthening Service Delivery.


Research in Practice

An initiative of the Association of Directors of Social Services organisation set up to promote evidence-based practice in social care and currently working with a network of over 65 childcare agencies. Searchable evidence bank open to all including summaries (brief appraisals) of key reviews and published research in practice research reviews available on-line.

:: Free online databases

British Medical Journal (BMJ) 
All articles published in the journal since 1994 may be viewed on line. The journal may be searched by subject or author.


Campbell Collaboration (C2) 
Aims to do for social care what Cochrane has done for medicine. The C2 library contains the C2 RIPE Register of Systematic Reviews of Interventions and Policy Evaluation. The library also contains the C2-SPECTR, the Campbell Social, Psychological, Education and Criminological trials registry, which can be searched for abstracts of randomized and seemingly randomized trials.


ESRC Society Today

Provides a free online social sciences research resource


Pubmed (health)

The internet version of Medline, the best-known biomedical database. References 4000 international journals. Coverage includes nursing and allied health.


Joseph Rowntree Foundation 
Provides summaries of all their funded studies.


Systematic Reviews of Childhood Injury Prevention Interventions

An easy-to-use website with evidence on child accident prevention. Focus on both intentional and unintentional injuries.

  :: Gateways

These gateways provide access to evaluated and selected web resources for research and education


INTUTE (Health)


Social Science Information Gateway

 (Social Science)

:: Health

archimedes  Archives of Disease in Childhood focuses on all aspects of child health and disease from the perinatal period through to adolescence. Published monthly, and with international coverage, ADC includes
peer reviewed material of a high standard.

The Bandolier website provides a wide range of accurate and pre-screened information on most aspects of health care services from an evidence based perspective.


Clinical Evidence

This compendium provides a summary of the best available evidence on a range of common clinical interventions.


Informed Health Online


"Informed Health Online is produced by the Health Research and Education Foundation Ltd. The Foundation is a health promotion charity based in
Melbourne, Australia.


The Foundation aims to provide information and resource tools that enable people to keep up-to-date with reliable, evidence-based information. The Foundation promotes research literacy, and individual and community use of high quality research.

A key goal is to promote the accessibility of health information from the Cochrane Collaboration, and based on Cochrane reviews and other reliable
research on the effects of health care. The Foundation is working with translation partners to identify resources to assist in the translation of Informed Health Online into major community languages."


INVOLVE - promoting public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research.


National Electronic Library for Health 

This site contains numerous useful links to research databases and other resources. In addition to linking to the Cochrane library and the Electronic Library for Social Care and Clinical Evidence there are also links to the Department of Health and to the Public Health Electronic Library www.phel.
, developed by the Health Development Agency, aiming to provide knowledge on promoting health, preventing disease and reducing health
inequalities. The library contains a specialist subsection on Child Health and Paediatrics at


NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD)  at the University of York. This contains links to DARE and the NHS Economic Evaluation Database (NHSEED)


TRIP (Turning Research into Practice)  Searches over 55 websites of high-quality ‘evidence-based’ health information such as the journals BMJ, NEJM, Bandolier, and sites such as CRD.

:: Inequalities in health
Dartington Social Research Unit
This is a social research unit aiming to "improve outcomes for vulnerable children". It looks at areas of children's development and services. it is fairly specific but very up-to-date.

:: Parenting

Family Caring Trust


National Family and Parenting Institute.

A National Charity funded by the government to provide a strong national focus on parenting and families in the 21st century.


National Children’s Bureau

The NCB has produced a useful publication by Celia Smith called ‘Developing Parenting Programmes’ and another by Roger Grimshaw and Christine McGuire called ‘Evaluating Parenting Programmes. A study of stakeholders’ views’.


The Parenting Support & Education Forum.
A national umbrella organisation for people who work with parents. The forum is involved in

developing national occupational standards for this sector.


Parentline Plus

Offers support for parents through a free helpline and parenting issues on the website.

:: Pre-appraised resources

Cochrane library 
The Cochrane library can be freely accessed through the National Electronic Library for Health (NELH). The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews provides summaries of systematic reviews that have been checked for good quality. Reviews carried out by the Developmental, Psychosocial and Learning Problems Group are the most relevant to social care covering developmental and psychosocial problems of childhood and adolescense. When you search the Cochrane Library you can simultaneously also search the Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness (DARE), which provides structured abstracts of pre-appraised reviews, the Cochrane Controlled Trials Register and the Cochrane Review Methodology Database.


Clinical Evidence
This compendium provides a summary of the best available evidence on a range of common clinical interventions.


Health Evidence
Provides a free, online registry of systematic reviews on the effectiveness of public health and health promotion interventions. All reviews are appraised for quality: users can see whether reviews are weak, moderate or strong.

:: School food schemes

Breakfast Clubs

Information on starting, evaluating and funding your breakfast club. Funded by Kellogg’s with NPI and Education Extra they produce example questionnaires for parents, teachers and kids, information on their programmes and grant small awards to start up or support breakfast clubs.


British Dietetic Association

has a campaign to increase consumption of fruit and vegetables called Gimme 5.


Child Poverty Action Group 

is contained within the Food Poverty Network. They have published work on the uptake and nutritional quality of free school meals, which may be of interest.


Department of Health



The government provides information on its own fruit and breakfast schemes.


4 Children 

is an association of out-of-hours school clubs.


New Policy Institute 

is interested in breakfast schemes and have information and advice available. 


Sustained Food and Farming Alliance
Aims to provide information and advise on improving food access, as does their sister organisation the Food Poverty Network. They publish a food poverty project publication, "Making links: A toolkit for local food projects" which offers advice to organisations wishing to begin local food distribution projects. 


School Nutrition Action Groups

Promote healthy food in schools, and are supported by the Health Education Trust.


:: Social Care

Social Care Online

available from the Electronic Library for Social Care.  Indexes books, reports, articles and research papers relevant to social work and social care published in English around the world.


Department of Health Publications
This website has many full text articles and publications from the Department of Health Social Care Group


Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE).
Provides access to resources supporting those working in social care and using services. Also links to Social Care Online.


Social Policy Research Unit researchwks.htm

at York University provides details of studies conducted in the field of disability.


Wales Office of Research and Development for Health and Social Care

This site contains summaries of all research studies funded by the Wales Office of Research and Development.

:: Traffic calming

Child Accident Prevention Trust 
A charity for the prevention of children being killed, disabled and seriously injured as a result of accidents


Department for Transport


for information about ‘home zones’ and how to establish one in your area


Quiet Lanes
is an initiative of the Countryside Agency.


for information about , a charity for the victims of road crash accidents.


Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)
for information about The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). This site provides comprehensive information about interventions to reduce accident rates.


Slower Speeds Initiative
The Slower Speeds Initiative campaigns for lower and better enforced speed limits, higher profile for speed reduction initiatives, development of speed control technology, changes in the law to allow conviction of speeding drivers who kill and maim


:: Training

Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP)

Offers training and resources related to learning critical appraisal skills.



Provides training and supports quality improvement in child and adolescent mental health.


RDN Virtual Training Suite  Based at SOSIG, this site has guides to research using the internet, including one especially for social workers: tutorial/social-worker 


Research Mindedness rminded/default.htm 

At the University of Southampton this site provides an online guide, including some case studies, on how social care practitioners can use research in their work.

:: Youth offending

British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies 

The major British CBT organisation with over 3500 members. Details of training events

(including Royal College approved CPD events). Accreditation via BABCP and Registration are available.



CBT training materials available for download, plus a range of copyright-free CBT self-help materials for use free of charge by health care practitioners.


Home Office Publications pubsintro1.html 
The Home Office website publications pages contain summaries and full text of studies related to crime and the criminal justice system, (including youth offending), substance abuse, homelessness, asylum seekers and other Home Office issues.


Royal College of Psychiatrists

Offers an online resource for CBT

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