If you decide to implement home visiting in your area the following contacts may be able to provide useful information, help or advice

The review on which much of the evidence above is based is available in full on the web at http://www.ncchta.org/fullmono/mon413.pdf or through: The National Coordinating Centre for Health Technology Assessment (NCCHTA), Mailpoint 728, Boldrewood, University of Southampton, Bassett Crescent East, Southampton SO16 7PX Telephone: 023 8059 5586 Fax: 023 8059 5639

The Department of Health publishes a health visitor resource development pack available at http://www.publications.doh.gov.uk/cno/healthvisitorsdevpack.pdf

The Health Development Agency has published an evidence briefing on ante- and post-natal home visiting programmes, including other aspects of home visiting as well as injury. It is available at http://www.nice.org.uk/download.aspx?o=502671

The Community Practitioners and Health Visitor Association is at
http://www.msfcphva.org/ 40 Bermondsey St, London, SE1 3UD
Telephone: 020 7939 7000 Fax: 020 7403 2976

Home Start is an organisation which co-ordinates volunteer home visiting programmes. For details of their work see http://www.home-start.org.uk/ or contact them at Home Start, 2 Salisbury Road, Leicester, LE1 7QR Telephone: 0116 233 9955 Fax: 0116 233 0232 Email: info@home-start.org.uk

Details of Sure Start in your area can be accessed through; Sure Start Unit, Level 2, Caxton House, Tothill Street, London SW1H 9NA
Telephone: 020 7273 4830 Fax: 020 7273 5182 Email: sure.start@dfee.gov.uk http://www.surestart.gov.uk

The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) can be contacted at: 4th Floor, 18-20 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3HA Telephone: 020 7608 3828 Fax: 020 7608 3674 Email: safe@capt.org.uk http://www.capt.org.uk