Information on the state of development of breakfast clubs in the UK and the challenges they face is available at

New Policy Institute has information on breakfast schemes. New Policy Institute, 109 Coppergate House, 16 Brune Street, London E1 7NJ Telephone: 020 7721 8421 Email: or

The government provides information on its own fruit and breakfast schemes at

The Sustained Food and Farming Alliance provides information and advice on improving food access, as does the Food Poverty Network. They publish "Making links: A toolkit for local food projects" which offers advice to organisations wishing to begin local food distribution projects, which is available at or through Sustained Food and Farming Alliance, 94 White Lion Street, London, N1 9PF Telephone: 020 7837 1228 Fax: 020 7837 1141

Sustain also promote the Grab 5! programme, and provide ideas for schools to increase fruit and vegetable consumption. See

The Child Poverty Action Group is part of the Food Poverty Network and is based at the same address (see above) or at They have published work on the uptake and nutritional quality of free school meals.

School Nutrition Action Groups promote healthy food in schools, and are supported by the Health Education Trust. See or Health Education Trust, 18 High Street, Broom, Alcester, Warwickshire B50 4HJ

The British Dietetic Association has a campaign to increase consumption of fruit and vegetables called Gimme5.The campaign home page is or contact; The BDA, 5th Floor, Charles House, 148/9 Great Charles Street Queensway, Birmingham B3 3HT Telephone: 0121 200 8080 Fax: 0121 200 8081 Email:

4children, formerly the kids club network, is a national charity working to create opportunities for children. The home page is

The school fruit and vegetable scheme is part of the Department of Health's 5 a day programme. For information about the scheme see

The Welsh Assembly Government has published information on breakfast and breakfast clubs for primary school children based on UK literature. See

Many areas already have their own initiatives whose websites may contain helpful information on the way they run their scheme, for instance see for an example of evaluation of breakfast clubs in Glasgow, or for more general information go to To find more projects like these, try searching on using the words breakfast, fruit, school and the area you work in.

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